Traditional Spanish Cooking

The iberian culinary art is as rich and colourful as the geography of the country that surrounds it, what is more its dishes are elaborated with the ingredients natural to the famously healthy Mediterranean Diet, combined together in recipes that generation after generation have continued from mouth to mouth around the country until getting to the recipe book.
In La Parrala paella bar we work to bring to the table a variety of dishes and tastes of  Spain's different regional and typical food, with no doubt accentuating the delicious local products.

We invite you to let yourself be lead on a gastronomical journey, In La Parrala you can make a route around the different tastes of Spain:
From the highest peeks of the peninsula, at the foot of which we find Granada,  with its succulent meats, cheeses and cured meats- until the seas that sorround it prizing our gastronomy  with  traditional seafood delicacies; passing by the salty southern bays and their fish, the tropical fruit plantations, the citrus trees, the rice fields, the spices, the colourful vegetable gardens, the northern vineyards and the extensive olive fields.