Speciality in Paellas and Rices

The most representative food of the Spanish gastronomy is with no doubt the Paella- with its saffron yellow rice like the sunshine on our flag and its different condiments that make it a dish of the colourful celebration of the country.

The truth is that the culinary secrets to elaborating a paella are a whole art in themselves: not only is it of crucial importance to use traditional cooking equipment such as the paellera pan, which gives name to the dish; but there are thousands of different paellas and depending on the combination of the different traditional ingredients; wether pork, peppers or squid, etc. Each step to follow in the kitchen varies.

In La Parrala we offer the best culinary quality of typical recipes and a huge variety of paellas from different Spanish regions.
From our kitchens we serve steaming and delicious rices and paellas. The ingredients of which determinate their origin: Catalan rices tinted black, paellas of squid and oysters from Cantabria, rices cooked with traditional cured meats from the Alpujarra, pure iberian and even the traditional Valencian fideuá.