Wines and beverages

Spanish enology has nothing to envy other wine-producing countries for. Being one of the major and best-known wine producing countries in the world, with a tradition of grape- and wine-growing that dates back to to Phoenician times.Situated strategically between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, with its mountainous geography, Spain is the ideal territory for vine cultivation. And the same as the interrelation between its geographical richness and delicious gastronomy, it is precisely this variety that makes Spanish wines exquisite companions for every meal and occasion.
In La Parrala paella-bar we offer you more than 30 different wines to choose from. Whether it is Chardonnay, Tempranillo or Verdejo, fizzy, fruity or dry, whatever your taste buds are searching for, at our tables you will always find your glass filled with the ideal wine for each occasion.

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